I'm really pleased to launch our first new brush set in the ANM Pro Series range.


  • This is a four brush set consisting of 3”, 2x 2” and 1” .
  • It has a lovely beech wooden handle for an easy grip and great spin after cleaning
  • The brush has a stainless steel ferrule so wont rust or deform with use over time
  • It has a quality no loss srt (solid round tapered) synthetic filament so no unwanted bristle in your work
  • This is a brush with guts it has a full-bodied feel helping provide excellent paint pick, hold and release
  • These brushes are suitable for all paints and varnishes
  • Vapour box compatible


To keep your Pro Series brushes in a good condition clean immediately after use.


Clean brushes with paint manufacturers specified cleaning product, followed by a good spin and a comb through with a brush comb to help maintain a longer, healthier brush life.

ANM Pro Series Box Set

SKU: ANMPro-0003
£14.99 Regular Price
£10.99Sale Price
  • 4 Brush Set



    Beech Wooden Handles


    Easy Grip and Spin


    Rust Proof Ferrule


    No Unwanted Bristles


    Excellent Paint Pick Up, Hold & Release


    Suitable for All Paints & Varnishes


    Vapour Box Compatible